Tour Abagold, abalone and wine pairing, wine tasting, light lunch

Join us for a tour in the New Harbour, see the extraordinary aquaculture farm in action.  Experience the flavours of this delicacy in an abalone and wine pairing.  Continue to enjoy the breath-taking setting high in the Karwyderskraal Valley whilst doing a wine tasting and eating a light lunch.

Abalone is one of the rare culinary delicacies in the world.  Hermanus is one of the few places in the world where wild abalone is farmed in near natural conditions.  This means that the flavor of the abalone is wild, variable, unique and determined by the natural conditions under which it is grown.  It does not have a bland generic flavor.

Unfortunately, most of the really wild abalone in Walker Bay have been poached as a consequence of the drugs for abalone trade with China. This has necessitated high security abalone farming.   It is a labour intensive industry that takes up to eight years to yield a crop.

You will meet your tour guide at the Heart Shed in the New Harbour. Sit back and relax while you learn about the incredible history of abalone in Hermanus; the biology and life cycle of this mysterious mollusk, and the unfortunate demise of wild stocks due to over-harvesting and poaching.

After the introduction, boot-up for a guided walk of the biggest and oldest abalone farm in Hermanus.  The farm is dependent on a constant, reliable and cost-effective source of energy, it has devised an ingenious system to harness wave energy from the sea.

Then it is time to taste this incredible delicacy.  We have arranged a special wine pairing to show off the flavors.  It is also significant that both the abalone and the wines come from the same region, affected by the same weather and terroir conditions.  They compliment each other perfectly and create a very special symphony.

The wine farm is just too beautiful and guests need to stay longer to savor the natural beauty.  It is remote and understated and intimate.  Enjoy a relaxed wine tasting with a light lunch in amongst the fynbos and overlooking the Botriver estuary. 

What to expect

  • Door to door transport
  • Tour of abalone farm
  • Abalone and wine pairing tasting
  • Wine tasting
  • Light lunch
  • Abalone to purchase for own account
  • Anything extra at lunch

Please note that some establishments do not accept cash (card only).


All year round

Tuesday to Friday
10h30 – 15h30


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From R1200 per person



Min: 2 people Max: 8 People


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