Our ethos

Twenty first century travel is new and different. 

We don’t travel to discover new things anymore – the world doesn’t change fast enough for that. Man has scrutinised every nook and cranny of planet earth. In addition, we have recorded everything on camera, film and sound track, sharing it on National Geographic and YouTube so that we can enjoy it in our home without moving!

People used to travel to notch up destinations as a status symbol. Modern travel, whether by plane, train, boat, hovercraft, motorcycle, Segway, bicycle, dhow, taxi, yak, etc, is accessible and easy to organise anywhere in the world. The craft are generally good quality and in good working condition.  Schedules are efficient and things seldom go awry. The process of travel has become inane and sanitised. In fact, we expect efficiency.

We used to travel to shop and buy things: Designer couture on the Boulevard de Saint Germain; high fashion on the King’s Road, London; Mikimoto pearls from the shop in Ginza, Tokyo; browsing through the huge selection of books at Barnes and Noble; spices from the Souk Semmarine in Marrakech; Bordeaux wine straight from the cellars in Chateaux Margaux; Kelims in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul; shopping for saris in the Chandni Chowk in Delhi. Now everything is available online courtesy of Amazon and others. Even fresh produce can be ordered from the other side of the planet and delivered to our doorstep tomorrow!

We want to do meaningful things. Whether it touches our soul, or makes a difference to someone’s life or we learn a new skill, we like to do things that make us feel happy. We like to experience things. A 20-year study led by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, has found that experiences — as fleeting as they may be — deliver more lasting happiness than things. Experiences become a part of our identity. We are not our possessions, but we are the accumulation of everything we’ve seen, the things we’ve done, and the places we’ve been to. Experiences are enjoyable from the very first moment of planning, all the way through to the memories which we cherish forever. The fact that they are fleeting and last for only a short time is part of what makes us value them so much more, and that value tends to increase as time passes.


Modern travelers want to get to know the heart and soul of the places that we visit. There is no better way to get to know a place than through its food and wine and the people that produce and prepare it. Culinary experiences give travelers memories which they can cherish forever and in many ways they have become the modern travel souvenir. In the process, they reveal the uniqueness of the location, setting it apart from anywhere else in the world and asserting the local heritage. 


Lemeeze Davids is a South African food artist.  She chose food as a medium because of its universality: “ With food, I find that people tell me about their memories, their preferences, their recipes – because they’ve interacted with food every day and feel like they are able to engage with the work.” (Bubblegumclub, Lemeeze Davids // Cuisine and Collective Memory, by Gemma Hart).

Danny Myburgh and Shirley Craies are Hermanus locals:

“We just love the place – the mountains, sea, valleys, fynbos, wine, food and the people who make it all come alive. La bonne vie. We are experienced and intrepid world travelers and are acutely aware that Hermanus has much to offer.  We appreciate the fact that people are increasingly searching for experiences that offer them a true connection with people and places. We have put together some special local experiences which offer travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in Hermanus rather than skimming the surface. We want to emphasise the fact that places are the product of the people who live in them and offer travellers the opportunity to gain some insight into real lives through these experiences.

We have taken away the hassle of finding unique and little known experiences which cannot be found on travel sites or travel packages. In many instances, we have combined activities to make the experience rich, textured and layered in order to give participants a better understanding and insight into Hermanus and her people.”


Registered & Accredited with:

Hermanus & Cape Town Tourism Boards; Western Cape Tour Guides; First aid trained. We operate modern vehicles with all the legal insurances, exams and road-worthy certificates, with professional Chauffeur Tour Guides on board for all your trips.



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